Release Work and Restorative Therapy

The body is a complex instrument that needs to be supported through many different modalities to work at it's best.  At The Concrete Lotus, my focus is to create individualized yoga and Pilates prescriptions for students to optimize the function of their body.  Incorporating myofascial and muscle release, joint stabilization and overall strengthening of the body lends to a more holistic approach to the way we move and each play an important role in the functionality of the body as a whole.  With release work, we allow muscles and myofascia to stretch and unbind.  This sets us up for healthy biomechanics and movement.  Next we look at the joints in your body and make sure each is stable and functioning in its optimal structural position.  And finally, building muscle strength empowers the body to support any and all activities that you love in your daily life.  All this being said, I work to create a fun environment where your exercise doesn't become a daunting task, but instead an exploration of movement and connectivity to your own body.